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My weightloss journey has been removed. After keeping the weight off for over 2 years, I have since gained most of that back. I am currently struggling with getting back on program. If I do succeed, perhaps a new web page will be published. Since I still get many hits to this page from folks looking for WW information, I'll keep that information active, though it may be outdated.

Weight Watchers Point Formulas and Target Values

UPDATED (as of approx. 2004)

Many hits to my web site are people searching for a WW Points calculator. WW has asked several sites to remove on and off-line calculators from various web sites, but with the information below (in the public record) and any simple spread sheet, you can easily make a Points Calculator.

If you go to the US Patent office web site and search for Patent number 6,040,531, then dig through the text and image pages you will find the formula:
P = (C/50) + (F/12) - (R/5)
P=points, C=calories, F=fat grams, R=fiber grams (cap the fiber at no more than 4 grams)

It's easy to estimate point values in your head by reading the nutrition labels on any food product. Divide the number of calories by 50 (round to nearest 1/2 point), add 1/2 point for 6 fat grams and deduct 1/2 point for 3 fiber grams. The result is the number of points (round to the next number if .5 or greater). 

Eat up to the number Target points per day as shown in the chart below, plus you can eat as much as 35 more Flex-Points per week.

Partial list of Target Values:
Body weight, Target value
Under 150 lbs,  20
150-174, 22
175-199, 24
200-224, 26
225-249, 28
250-274, 30
275-299, 31
plus you can eat as much as 35 more Flex-Points per week.

There is also an Activity Points component where you can eat more points as a reward for exercising. (based on your weight, activity level, and amount of time exercising).

Light activity points = wt x min x .000232
Moderate activity points = wt. x min. x .000327
High activity points = wt x min. x .0008077

Or, if you know the amount of calories burned (for instance, from the display on a piece of excersize equipment), add an activity point for every 100 calories.

Although this is the program in a nutshell, I will now tell you... DO NOT DO THIS ON YOUR OWN! Do yourself a favor, and join Weight Watchers (either the on-line or meeting versions). The program works, but you must do it correctly. Membership gets you food lists, point calculators weight tracking, point tracker (journals), etc. The program works, get motivated and go for it! 

Questions or comments, feel free to email me.

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