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WNPR Radio Where We Live, episode on poetry.

Audio interview broadcast on WNPR radio's Where We Live January 17, 2008.

Alvin M. Laster (1922-2012) was a freelance writer and a published and anthologized poet. His poems have appeared in many literary journals. He has been honored for his poetry by Mattatuck College and received the Board of Trustees Merit Award from Naugatuck Valley Community-Technical College. He has lectured and given readings to literary groups in Connecticut, New York, and California. He is past-president of the Southbury Poetry Society and a member of the Academy of American Poets.  He has taught poetry at the University of Connecticut, and was a recipient of  an Award for Best Writing  from Connecticut Author and Publishers. A collection of his poems, titled "ARABESQUES, TRUMPETS AND GRACE NOTES", was published in 1988 by  the Northwoods Press.

Listen to Al Laster recite
Blind Child at the Piano

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Featured Poetry


I hope to die of dailyness,
of a surfeit of suns and moons,
of too much joy,
an abundance of family occasions,
countless chocolate sundaes,
and a profusion of caresses.

When I reach out for the
sleep of the tired body
and the cluttered mind,
let me be.
Let me go, as I came,

I have lost my way
in life many times,
but this last road is clearly
marked, and it leads
to a place I knew,
before love
summoned me to life,
millions of heart beats ago.
        © Alvin M. Laster

Published in JAMA
Anthologized in "Unchartered Lives"
Teaching venues in 5 academic college courses

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